Making Money With Article Directories

First things first, what exactly is an article directory? An article directory is a user-generated website where people submit their articles to be included in the site’s directory. The main purpose of these article submissions is to promote a product, sho a service, a blog or a website. So most of the articles submitted are usually written by online marketers and entrepreneurs. The biggest and most popular article directories in the internet right now are general directories or directories that accept articles on just about any topic and theme. theseekblog

Making money with article directories is a good alternative to other make-money-online strategies. It takes time to create a directory and you have to keep on working to maintain it but the rewards are very much worth it. The content of the directory will be user-generated so you will not have to worry about where to get your content.

Because of the presence of big general directories online, it is best that you do not compete with them. Instead, start a topical or niche-oriented article directory. You can, for instance, start a directory composed only of health-related articles. This is what is referred to as a topical article directory. You pick a certain topic and accept only articles about that topic.

One of the hardest parts of making an article directory is undergoing the initial stages. Writing scripts, programming, web designing and a whole bunch of technical jobs. You obviously cannot do all these things alone so it’s recommended that you get help and work with others. Outsource the jobs where you are not that experienced.

Once the directory is up and running, your will then be focused on collecting articles to add to the directory. Here, your online marketing skills will come into play. You will however focus your marketing strategies on convincing people to write and submit articles. The internet is full of marketing tools and resources for your disposal. Most of these are free so there is no reason why you shouldn’t utilize them. These include search engine optimization, social media marketing and link-building. It’s also recommended that you buy ads from reputable sites to further increase awareness about your directory.


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