The Quiet Mind and the Meaning of Life and Happiness

We are all looking for the meaning of life which, I believe, thegreatermind is to be happy. A quiet mind will help us obtain these for ourselves.

What Is a Quiet Mind?

The answer may well be obvious, then, again, Marin property management it may not because very few people possess a quiet mind. Perhaps possessing such a mind means that your mind is undisturbed by external events and internal events.

The person who possesses a tranquil head has a sense of well-being and contentedness in this moment. Yes, zenlinks things may need improving at a major level in the world around you. But you feel as if you are in control of you. You realize that you cannot control what is happening outside of you, at least not to any great extent.

You Attract What You Think About

It is true that the Universe locallistingz responds to your constant thinking about what you want in your life. But you cannot control the weather, how your family will react to the weather situation, how the stock market is doing, etc.

You realize your influence upon life is limited – real but limited. Therefore, you do not strain to be what you are not or have what isn’t necessary. You are content in the moment.

This helps give you a quiet mind. But what’s the use of it? socialdir

Happiness and Meaning

The meaning of life, happiness, is much easier to secure and hold when your mind is quiet.

One of the “goals” of meditation is to make contact with The Source of All There Is in order to find the meaning of life. The tranquil head is the place where meditation most easily takes place. A mind that is all jumbled up with thoughts irrelevant to your destination in meditation is a “monkey mind” that keeps you from finding meaning and happiness.

Monkey Mind Is Normal

Such a jumbled, biigo quick-silver scrambled thinking process is normal. We all are thinking at an incredible rate most all of the time. We are not so aware of it when we are engaged in the tasks of life. But when we stop and try to dampen down that mind-chatter, then we become conscious of the running-away-with-it-all of our usually mangled thought patterns.

So we try to quiet our minds, at least during meditation so that we might make and maintain a connection with The All There Is. It is in that connection where we find that we are totally accepted by The All There Is. In that acceptance we find happiness for there is no greater feeling of well-being that to be totally consented to just as you are in this moment. wikidirectori

Simply – a jumbled mind cannot know this well-being. This well-being cannot be experienced by a mind so occupied with distracting thoughts that there is no room in the enclosure for a secure link between you and The All There Is.

Answer to the Question

Would you know meaning and have happiness? Then seek to quiet your mind at least during meditation. It may take some time and practice – it probably will, but it can be done. This has been attested to by individuals all over the world in all sorts of situations and faith traditions. For more info please visit here:-


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