Finding Chemicals in Skin Care – My Experiences

Do you remember when you first heard or read an amazing piece of information? I did when I learned about the chemicals in skin care and cosmetics. Can you recall where you were, what you were doing? It made you think “WOW”, seotopwiz and in the case of information, it blew all other preconceived ideas away.

Let me explain:

I used to have the belief that those ads and promotions for skin care on TV and in the magazines somehow spoke directly to me. Clever little advertising execs! I truly thought that if they advertised something and it was for sale, the blurb must be true. Here comes the cruncher – NO, pegastack not always true!

Let’s take a closer look:

Cosmetic companies are not obliged to prove what they say their creams and lotions will do. They do in-house surveys and data collecting, dmt kaufen with no other governing body to watch over the results and then publish them as some sort of wonderful new research. Their ‘trade secrets’ allow these manufactures to hide the contents of their formulations. This information stopped me in my tracks!

But it got even more interesting.

89% of ingredients used in skin care and cosmetics have not been tested for safety by any publicly accountable institution. Many have been shown to be toxic when used on laboratory animals.

Mineral oil, Research chemicals for sale for example, used in many moisturisers, comes from the petroleum-chemical industry. Also under the names of paraffin and paraffin wax, they coat the skin like plastic wrap, trapping any thing underneath, not allowing the skin to breathe or eliminate toxins from the pores. There is nothing in this ingredient that will nourish the skin.

When I investigated shampoos and products the lather, xpresschems including those made for babies and children, the same dangers apply: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is in 90% of products that foam. It can inflame the skin and cause it to flake as it is dehydrating. This chemical is toxic to marine life and much of it will end up in our water ways.

This is just the tip of the iceburg! So, I remember where I was when I was first introduced to this startling information. To the beginning of what has become an on-going investigation. Many of us can remember where we were when we heard about the 911 terrorist attacks or the more recent death announcement of Michael Jackson.

Well, it was like that when I discovered the terrible un-truths that accompany the promotions of skin care. I sat in a friend’s home trawling through the paperwork she provided absolutely appalled! Since then I have been able to look past the hype and empty promises to evaluate for myself just what these products have (or rather haven’t) got to offer! For more info please visit here:-

I feel guilty.

That as a professional, I was advising other women on their skin care requirements, solely on the information given by the cosmetic companies I was representing. I didn’t question it! At the time, I was confident they had my interests at heart!


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