Glass Coffee Table Or Wood Coffee Table – Which is Better?

Coffee tables come in a wide variety of shapes, textures, quality, colors, and designs. There is a coffee table out there that could fit in just about every scenario coffee tables for your home and in just about every single room. These tables are so practical and add so much to the décor and style of your room that it is almost a shame not to own one.

With all of those coffee tables out there to choose from it can get a bit frustrating trying to decide which type is the right type for your particular room. As a furniture dealer, I’m asked all the time by my customers: is it better to own a glass coffee table or a wooden coffee table and why?

In a perfect world, I always say, Parguruan tinggi you should own both. Coffee tables can meet any need and there is a type of table with a style that will fit in each room in your house. However, if you’re not looking for more than one you have a little bit more of a decision to make.

Glass coffee tables are fantastic pieces of furniture. They have a clean and refined look to them and because you can Windex the top of the table you don’t have to worry about ruining the piece by accidentally forgetting to use a coaster for your beer. Even though their great in looks they aren’t very sturdy. A glass coffee table can shatter if you hit it too hard, tiernahrung-friebe I’ve broken a few glass coffee table tops myself with a heavy handed placement of a drink or introducing a plate that might have been just a little bit too hot. That’s the risk you take but the glass coffee table looks really nice.

Wooden coffee tables are also wonderful pieces. They’ve usually got a rustic look to factsfair them and they fit in with décor that gives off an earthy tone. You have to worry about ruining the stain or paint job on these and they will get chipped from time to time. A drawback to a wooden coffee table is that if you break these you have to replace the whole thing. With glass you can just replace the top pane of glass.

Both coffee tables are great. I generally own glass coffee tables but I like them all. You just need to choose the one that will best fit the look and feel of the room you plan to put it in. winfieldssurveyors


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