Social Media Marketing Plan: Why Would You Include a Mobile Strategy?

Do you really want your competitors to steal customers right from underneath you nose, Local advertising in your local area? Can you really afford not to be proactive to avoid being left behind? Take a look at some basic facts about having a Mobile Marketing Strategy as part of your Social Media Marketing Plan…


According to…

1) There are 5.3 billion mobile subscribers (that’s 77 percent of the world population).
2) Today in US and W. Europe, dog treats 90 percent of mobile subscribers have an Internet-ready phone.
3) SMS is still king of mobile messaging with more than 6.1 trillion messages sent in 2010.
4) More people now access the internet via mobile than they do via computer.

Q. Do your prospects and clients, white english labrador puppies own a mobile phone?

Consumer engagement

Most popular activities on the mobile Web are mobile search, reading news and sports information, downloading music and videos, and email and instant messages. In the future, puppies for adoption money transfer; location-based services; m-health and m-payment will be key drivers

Q. What do your prospects and customers use their mobile phone for?


Having your own app can greatly increase the interactivity with your clients. Over 300,000 mobile apps have been developed in three years. Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times.The most used mobile apps in the US are games; news; maps; social networking and music. Facebook, Ai Social Media Marketing App Google Maps and The Weather Channel.

Q. What kind of app could you offer to interact with your prospects and clients?


Whether its landing page signups, the amount of donations you receive, the number of music or app downloads you want – it’s all measurable. (Including the number of people in your geographical that can and do meet the criteria you set.)

Q. Do you know how many prospects in your local area meet your criteria of them becoming an ideal client? More importantly, Emsculpt NYC how do you measure your current marketing activities?

Increase Brand awareness

Whether you’re sending out fully branded email marketing messages, MMS, Videos, Coupons, or are increasing your output via mobile search directories, location based social networks, 2D bar codes or Bluetooth marketing initiatives, there are many ways to raise awareness of your brand with a mobile marketing plan.

Q. How do you currently get your message into the hands of prospects and clients (where ever they are)?

Customers Experience

Mobile helps to PULL it all together. It’s permission based and totally focused on the customer experience. The customer remains in control, they make the decisions, they decide whether to opt in or opt out.


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